Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the current fire conditions in Florida?

The Florida Forest Service (FFS) maintains a constantly updated wildfire daily report. Visit for additional information. A map of the fires can be found at [The map takes a couple minutes to load].

The National Weather Service provides an easy to use map with weather forecasts for the entire state at

Where do I find additional information about smoke and air quality?

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection posts statewide and local health advisories on the Smoke and Air Quality web site

Where do I find additional information on road closures?

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) maintains an updated list of road closure information per region. For local information visit

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How do I get help with a prescribed burn?

The Florida Forest Service's (FFS) fire management services program may provide fire management assistance. For information on this program go to Often there is a long waiting list to have FFS personnel assist on your land. Your County FFS forester can supply a list of private fire contractors. Contact your county forester at

What is my liability with a prescribed burn? What are the laws?

An overview of Florida laws and regulations can be found in the Prescribed Burning Regulations in Florida document.

How do I become a certified burner?

The Hillsborough Community College Division of Environmental and Technical administers the Basic Prescribed Fire Course and the Certified Burner's Course for the Florida Interagency Prescribed Fire Cadre and the Florida Forest Service. Additional information on the courses and training schedule can be found at

What is the University of Florida Extension?

University of Florida Extension has offices in all sixty-seven counties in the state, and has been providing Floridians with solutions through workshops, educational materials, and one-on-one contact for almost one hundred years.

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