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Fire in Florida's Ecosystems

Information about Florida's fire education program, workshop schedules, and teacher materials. See also the Natural Role of Wildland Fire.

Living on the Edge in Florida

A teaching module designed to help teachers introduce students in grades 9–12 to a very real problem facing our society—the conflict between human development and natural systems.

Florida Wildfire Prevention Guide

This CD-ROM is a fun, interactive way for teachers and students to learn about the impact of fire on our forests and communities. Intended for students in grades 4–6.


Online curricula, educator pages, and interactive activities for students about outdoor fire safety. Check out the Science Teacher section in the online Firewise Catalog.

Anatomy of a Prescribed Burn

The Florida Forest Service web site provides a picture representation of what is occurring simultaneously during a prescribed burn.

USDA Forest Service Video Library - currently closed

Videos on forest fires and the roll they play in forest ecosystems.

Living with Fire - Fire Management Game

Students get to see the effects of different forest management techniques by experimenting with a virtual forest. Great game for grades 5 and up.

Project Learning Tree - Wildland Fire Program

Attend a workshop to receive hands-on, fire focused activities for youth in grades 3-12.

Wildland Fire Activities

List of curricula, lesson plans, and activities, some directly posted, others with contact information.

Where Growth Meets Growth Activity

Activity that demonstrates ways to prevent fires around houses including a work sheet on which students point out fire hazards.

Risk Watch

Published by the National Fire Protection Association, this site has fun online activities for kids as well as tools for teachers to help teach about fire safety. See also Sparky the Fire Dog's page for more information and games.

Windows into Wonderland

These lesson plans can demonstrate the ways that fires can start and the conditions necessary for a successful burn.

The Natural Inquirer: Wildland Fire Education

Search the articles in this issue devoted solely to educating students about wildland fire.

BLM Learning Landscapes: Fire

Published by the Bureau of Land Management, this teacher's page includes ways classroom activities for K-12th grade, virtual field trips, curriculum standard connections, and other resources all focused on fire.


An educational program for students in grades 1-12. The program consists of a curriculum and a trunk of laboratory materials, specimens, and reference materials. It provides interactive, hands-on activities for studying fire ecology, fire behavior, and the influences of people on three fire-dependent forest types.

How to Have a Firewise Home

The CD-ROM provides homeowners with information on risk factors concerning the wildland/urban interface and research about why homes may or may not burn when threatened by a wildfire. Contact you County Forester to obtain a copy at

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Reference Information


Kids fact page about wildfire published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Smokey Bear

Great forest fire page for students to check out. Classroom activities and guides can be found on the Resource Page.

The Environmental Literacy Council

This page has a great background information article on wildfires as well as links to other helpful sites.

Fire and Aviation Management

Background information on the management of forest fires and the roll they play in the forest ecology.

Everglades National Park

Fire in the everglades plays a vital role in the ecosystem. Check out this page to see how!

How Stuff Works

Information on the inner workings of wildfires, how they are started, fueled, spread, and fought.

Exploring the Environment

Learn all about the famous yellowstone fires and how they affected the forest ecosystem. Grades 5-8.

Forestry Images

A collection of forestry related images that can be downloaded for educational purposes. Type " fire" in the search box to find related images. Registration is free.

Smoke from Agricultural and Forest Fires

Safety tips to think about before hosting outdoor events or taking students on an outdoor field trip when in the region of a wildland fire.

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Wildland Fire Education Handbook

This handbook originally accompanied the Wildland Fire Education Toolkit which consisted of print materials, videos, CD-Rom, and roadside sign. The toolkit, in its entirety, may be borrowed from your Florida County Extension or Florida Forest Service office. Much of what is in the Toolkit is now available on the web in this handbook and its companion documents.

This handbook was produced by the University of Florida with assistance from a grant by the Advisory Council on Environmental Education of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Wildland Fire Education Handbook

Chapter 2: Publications on Wildland Fire

Chapter 3: Audio-Visual Resources on Wildland Fire

Chapter 4: Press Kit for Wildland Fire

Chapter 5: Wildland Fire Demonstration Areas

Chapter 6: Reporting Wildland Fire Activities

Chapter 7: Wildland Fire Appendices and Acknowledgements

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