Resources for Land Managers

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UF/IFAS Publications

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Florida Forest Service Publications

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Reference Information

Southern Fire Encyclopedia

The database contains over 600 pages of peer-reviewed syntheses of scientific knowledge about fire science in the southern United States. Photos, graphics, plus a large bibliography and access to several fire science databases are included.

Your Forest Managed

This web site contains a wealth of information on cost-sharing and education programs, pest and disease control, healthy harvest and planting practices, and many other useful topics.

Wildland Fire Lessons Learned

The Center provides an opportunity to foster collaboration among all fire professionals, facilitates their networks, and provides access to state-of-the-art learning tools. Features include current wildland fire news, updates regarding recent advancements in wildfire management, an online library containing links to resources and past case studies, and a wealth of educational materials.

Forestry Images

A collection of forestry related images that can be downloaded for educational purposes. Type " fire" in the search box to find related images. Registration is free.

Interface South - Centers for Urban and Interface Forestry

Descriptions of research projects and related publications addressing a variety of interface issues.

Anatomy of a Prescribed Burn

The Florida Forest Service web site provides a picture representation of what is occurring simultaneously during a prescribed burn.

Tall Timbers

Fire Ecology Program provides land managers with applicable, science-based information on prescribed fire and vegetation dynamics in the southern pine ecosystem.

A Guide For Prescribed Fire in Southern Forests

The Alabama Private Forest Management Team has developed an excellent prescribed fire section on their Web site which provides basic information needed to help you become technically proficient in the proper use of prescribed fire.

Fire Management Today

A clearinghouse for new techniques, technologies, and ideas in wildland firefighting.


Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools Project is an interagency vegetation, fire, and fuel characteristics mapping project across the United States. A couple of the data products features include identifying high risk areas and modeling real-time fire behavior to support tactical decisions to ensure sufficient wildland firefighting capacity and safety.

The Nature Conservancy—Global Fire Initiative

Obtain publications, research updates, workshop dates, and fire related news.

GeoMAC Wildland Fire Support

An internet-based mapping application designed to access online maps of current fire locations and perimeters in the conterminous 48 States and Alaska. Using a standard web browser, fire personnel can view this information to pinpoint the affected areas.

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Wildland Fire Education Handbook

This handbook originally accompanied the Wildland Fire Education Toolkit which consisted of print materials, videos, CD-Rom, and roadside sign. The toolkit, in its entirety, may be borrowed from your Florida County Extension or Florida Forest Service office. Much of what is in the Toolkit is now available on the web in this handbook and its companion documents.

This handbook was produced by the University of Florida with assistance from a grant by the Advisory Council on Environmental Education of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Wildland Fire Education Handbook

Chapter 2: Publications on Wildland Fire

Chapter 3: Audio-Visual Resources on Wildland Fire

Chapter 4: Press Kit for Wildland Fire

Chapter 5: Wildland Fire Demonstration Areas

Chapter 6: Reporting Wildland Fire Activities - not available

Chapter 7: Wildland Fire Appendices and Acknowledgements

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